Whether you are a startup, an expanding business, or a multinational corporation, we invite you to discover your next location in Southern Indiana.

Site Resources

State Certified Sites

In order to verify that a site will be ideally suited for development, the building or property must be run through a comprehensive assessment, otherwise known as a site certification report. The site certification process works to provide key insights into the property location, condition, assets, and economic opportunities. 

The links below are to shovel-ready sites. Select a site to download a PDF with photos and details.

Verisite Certified Sites

The Verisite Certification takes the site certification process to the next level, providing clients with a unique network of developers and corporate executives, and comprehensive site certification reports to help ensure that the best sites for upcoming development projects get noticed. Contact Radius or the appropriate local economic development office to receive a copy of the certification document.

Linton, Indiana

61-acre site in Greene County with a Silver Site Certification

Verisite Linton Report


Mitchell, Indiana

100-acre Mitchell Industrial Park; available lot sizes can accommodate buildings that range from just over 5,000 square feet to over 200,000 square feet

City of Mitchell, Indiana Industrial Park


Washington, Indiana

183-acre site at Interstate 69 interchange in Washington

Daviess County Billings Crossroads Verisite Report


Washington, Indiana

47-acre site at Interstate 69 interchange in Washington

Washington, Indiana Site 2 Verisite Report