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New State Legislation Benefits Military Spouses and Defense Communities

By: Matt Craig, Director of Crane Community Support for Radius Indiana


Indiana lawmakers wrapped up the 2023 legislative session in late April, approving 252 bills. Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb’s Next Level Agenda focused on several major funding increases in the state budget, including education, public health and safety, and community development.

In addition, under Gov. Holcomb’s leadership, Indiana is advancing a more collaborative, strategic approach to growing and enhancing its defense industry. Indiana is strengthening its efforts to increase the state’s competitiveness in the defense economy. Two Senate Bills and two House Bills affecting the military bases and military families were passed this spring and will improve Indiana’s defense environment.

Senate Bill 332 deals with planning and zoning that affects military bases. This bill allows a unit to establish a military impact zoning district for an area adversely impacted by the effects of military operations, and will make planning, zoning, and development activity in these areas subject to the military installation commander’s determination regarding the activity’s impact on military operations. This bill covers the majority of the state’s action items identified in the 2017 NSA Crane Joint Land Use study. In essence, the local communities have been doing this, and now it’s codified by state law. 

Senate Bill 477 limits threats to critical infrastructure. Starting June 30, 2023, a prohibited person may not purchase, lease, or acquire a parcel of real property that is directly adjacent to a military installation. This helps protect NSA Crane from a foreign company spying on activities on base. This concept of foreign direct investment adjacent to military bases is a significant national security issue and this Senate bill will help prevent such threats.

On the House side, House Bill 1555 focuses on occupational licenses for those in military families. This bill provides that a military service applicant who has held an occupational license, certification, registration, or permit in another jurisdiction for at least one year may qualify for an Indiana license, removing the requirement that an applicant must have had a license for at least two of the five years preceding the date of the application. This eases the burden on military families as they move across the country every two to three years. This is an issue the military tracks across all states, and allows Indiana to become more welcoming to those individuals by eliminating barriers. 

House Bill 1034 exempts Hoosier military members from paying state income taxes starting July 1, 2023. The final draft of the measure signed by Gov. Holcomb increases the active duty military income tax deduction from its current $5,000 cap to a full exemption, which follows a 2019 law allowing all retired military income to be tax-exempt.

Radius Indiana, the White River Military Coordination Alliance and Crane Regional Defense Group worked closely with Indiana Representatives and community partners on the creation of these bills and we commend our leaders for recognizing the importance of the defense industry in our state.

Crane Regional Defense Group hosts first Connect to Mission event

By: Matt Craig, Director of Crane Community Support for Radius Indiana


Naval Support Activity (NSA) Crane and its Tenant Commands are dedicated to meeting the needs of the warfighter in defense of our nation. Serving this mission has made NSA Crane and tenants a modern leader in diverse and technical products. One of the bases’ priorities is to provide opportunities for academia and defense industry peers to connect and hear from the base.

Crane Regional Defense Group (CRDG) hosted Connect to Mission in February at the WestGate Academy. The half-day event brought together nearly 200 current members from academic institutions and defense industry representing more than 100 businesses (small, large, and non-traditional) from 18 different states. This is planned to be an ongoing series to continuously highlight the different missions at NSA Crane and provide insight and understanding into the needs of their mission areas, challenges, and opportunities for collaboration.

The February event featured Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane), Crane Division’s Spectrum Warfare Systems Department, which houses the Department of Defense’s largest concentration of Electronic Warfare expertise, with more than one thousand civilian workers and 250 contractors. The department leads NSWC efforts in a wide variety of applied research, engineering, logistics, and maintenance support services for complex Electronic Warfare Systems and Infrared Countermeasures. 

The agenda included three interactive panel discussions, networking opportunities, and remarks from NSWC leadership. Division managers, chief strategists and engineers, contracting officers, and more covered topics from how to earn a contract, to how the divisions are assisting the warfighter today, and how attendees could position themselves to join their mission. 

CRDG’s second Connect to Mission will be held Tuesday, June 6, and feature NSWC Crane’s Global Deterrence and Defense Department, which leads NSWC efforts in a wide variety of applied research, engineering, logistics, and maintenance support services for complex 

Strategic System Programs, Microelectronic Technologies and the recently added Joint Hypersonic Transition Office.

When threats to our nation increase, so does the demand for Team Crane products and services. CRDG is poised to facilitate further collaboration between the base, academia and industry to meet the increased, modern-day needs of the warfighter. 

To learn more about the Crane Regional Defense Group or view upcoming events, visit their website at craneregionaldefensegroup.org. 

Radius Indiana and Crane Regional Defense Group host congressional events in U.S. Capital

ODON, Ind. (July 5, 2022) – Radius Indiana and Crane Regional Defense Group (CRDG) hosted a series of events last month in Washington D.C in coordination with NSA Crane and industry peers. The events served to engage government leaders, defense and technology firms, and constituents in conversations and updates about ongoing developments for the base and southern Indiana’s defense industry.

The annual Team Crane Congressional Breakfast was held on Capitol Hill for the first time since 2019 after a pause due to pandemic restrictions. Indiana Senators Mike Braun and Todd Young and Indiana Congressmen Larry Bucshon, and Trey Hollingsworth hosted the breakfast, sponsored by Radius Indiana in partnership with the Federal Manager’s Association (FMA) Crane Chapter 170, Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3), and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). 

As Naval Support Activity (NSA) Crane continues to demonstrate the success of its technologies and products, Radius and its partners took this opportunity to highlight the increasing military value of Crane and give insight into the future goals for the base. The events also served to underscore the positive impact NSA Crane has on the advancement of technology in the state of Indiana and to the continued well-being of nearby communities as it remains the region’s largest employer.

“We are immensely grateful for our relationship with Crane and the work with our many regional partners to strengthen the defense innovation ecosystem in southern Indiana,” said Jeff Quyle, president and CEO of Radius and emcee for the Breakfast. “Radius is dedicated to growing the region’s prosperity, using economic development tools to strengthen our current business community as well as attract new companies. The rise of technological innovation at Crane is initiating conversations with companies that seek to grow here for access to the talent and innovation that reside in this region.”

As a prelude to the Congressional Breakfast, CRDG brought together the defense ecosystem for a first-of-its-kind networking event in our nation’s capital. Guests had a unique opportunity to interact with other defense industry peers along with academic and government officials and staff to discuss relevant topics. Additionally, CRDG officers and members were available to discuss the organization’s role in the southern Indiana community as an effort to expand community support and advocate for Crane at the local and federal levels. 

“As the Chief of Staff for the headquarters element overseeing 14 U.S. Navy installations, Naval Support Activity, Crane tops the list in terms of support from external Navy partners,” said Captain John Hewitt, Chief of Staff, Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic. “NSA Crane and their resident Navy and Army commands have and will continue to have tremendously strong support from a range of stakeholders including private industry, academia, the State of Indiana, civic organizations such as Radius Indiana and IN3, and Indiana’s Congressional delegation. These partners understand the vital work that goes on aboard NSA Crane – everything from ammunition manufacturing and storage all the way to advancements in hypersonic technology – and how the installation supports the broader context of America’s national defense.”

There were nearly 100 attendees for each event, including defense industry representatives, flag officers, congressional delegation members, senior executive service members, program office personnel, Department of Defense officials, professional staff members (House and Senate), corporate partners, Congressional Delegation staff members, and academic partners. 

“It was a pleasure and success to see so many industry peers and leaders together again in one room, not just once, but twice with the addition of the CRDG reception,” said Kent Parisien, chair of CRDG. “Our organization looks forward to hosting and attending both events again next year as we continue to advocate for Crane and the defense sector at the local, state and national level.”

Radius and CRDG expect to participate annually, and planning for future events has already begun. 


ABOUT RADIUS INDIANA and CRANE REGIONAL DEFENSE GROUP: Radius Indiana is a regional economic development partnership representing eight counties in Southern Indiana. Formed in 2009, Radius Indiana also serves as a point of contact in Indiana for Naval Support Activity Crane and leads regional collaboration by leveraging the diverse assets of Southwest Central Indiana to drive attraction, retention and expansion of business, thereby increasing employment and investment opportunities and quality of life within the region.

Radius is also the parent organization of the Crane Regional Defense Group, formed to preserve the strategic value of Crane by supporting local outreach and legislative initiatives that protect military installations in the region and state, and leverage the installation’s potential to bring economic growth to Southern Indiana. 



Radius Indiana reinstates its annual stakeholder meeting

BEDFORD, Ind. (May 16, 2022) – Radius Indiana hosted its annual stakeholder’s luncheon for the first time since 2020 last Wednesday at the French Lick Resort. The meeting featured a panel of local leaders who explored the topic ‘Building Capacity in Our Region’.

Radius Indiana Board of Directors’ Chair Becky Skillman opened the meeting, thanking stakeholders for their continued support throughout the pandemic, as well as recognizing Susie Vaughn as a retiring member of the Radius board.

“The Radius team has been blessed for many years to have Susie as our partner working on our behalf in the Indiana Economic Development Corporation for more than eight years,” said Skillman. “She has driven countless miles across a wide swath of rural southern Indiana, visiting all of our communities at one time or another as she has supported business growth. We will miss her as part of our team and wish her the best on her next endeavor.” 

Skillman then introduced Jeff Quyle, president and CEO of Radius Indiana. Quyle provided an update on the programs and initiatives that make up the ‘Radius family tree’ and ways in which the organization has evolved to best serve the region’s needs.

The pandemic inspired programs that didn’t exist before 2020, such as Radius’s workforce and talent attraction program, Choose Southern Indiana. The program aims to tell the region’s story and demonstrate to interested individuals what life is like in southern Indiana.

In addition, Quyle updated attendees on the region’s growing tourism initiative, Discover Southern Indiana. This year, Radius is dedicating more resources to the program to create the biggest regional initiative in the Midwest with the help of both internal staff and local leaders in the participating counties.

“For the cities, towns, and counties in our region to achieve lasting growth, the local leaders need to have the skills and assets to set priorities and to then take the steps needed to carry out those plans,” said Quyle. “Radius is here to help its communities develop capacity and self-reliance to make success possible.”

The second half of the meeting consisted of a panel of local leaders in the Radius community who have and are actively participating in programs offered by the organization. The panel included individuals involved with ongoing initiatives:

  • Kent Parisien, First Savings Bank | Crane Regional Defense Group; 
  • Cindy Barber, Purdue Extension Daviess County | Recast Cities;
  • Jill Campbell, Daviess County Economic Development Corporation | Choose Southern Indiana; and
  • Nancy Eckerle, Jasper Chamber of Commerce | Radius Indiana’s Women in Economic Development Program.

The panel, moderated by Radius Indiana’s Director of Communications Amanda Craft, discussed the ways Radius has helped build capacity in its eight counties. From creating relationships with community and regional partners to fostering the mentality of what is wanted for the region, the panel discussed the impact that Radius has had on their community and the lessons they have learned and taken to other opportunities.

“Recast Cities has been a very overwhelming but eye-opening experience, leading to many rich conversations with key players in Daviess County,” said Barber. “I have a lot of positive thoughts as we continue to move forward and the experience has been very telling about the capacity of local entrepreneurs and leaders who are all aspiring to revitalize their downtowns.”

If you are interested in attending Radius Indiana’s Stakeholder Meeting next year, please contact the Radius office at (812) 277-9778.


ABOUT RADIUS INDIANA: Radius Indiana is a regional economic development partnership representing eight counties in Southern Indiana: Crawford, Daviess, Dubois, Greene, Lawrence, Martin, Orange, and Washington. Formed in 2009, Radius Indiana also serves as a point of contact in Indiana for Naval Support Activity Crane and leads regional collaboration by leveraging the diverse assets of Southwest Central Indiana to drive attraction, retention and expansion of business, thereby increasing employment and investment opportunities and quality of life within the region.

New citizen-led committee formed to leverage potential of southern Indiana

By: Matt Craig, Director of Crane Community Support for Radius Indiana


Local business, financial, and political leaders recently formed a citizen-led committee to expand support for southern Indiana’s military base and support the region’s economic growth.  

The Crane Regional Defense Group (CDRG) was established in 2020 as a grassroots effort to expand community support and advocate for Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) at the local and federal level. Members work with government, industry and military leaders to accelerate regional economic and community development and accelerate the strategic value of Crane. 

CDRG is a subcommittee of the White River Military Coordination Alliance, a community organization that was formed in 2018 to promote positive development and growth in the areas surrounding NSA Crane. 

Our organization has four main objectives:

  1. To educate and inform the businesses, citizens and governments of the region about the economic and cultural benefits of a strong military presence in the region and the importance of supporting regional infrastructure.
  2. To support the expansion of technical and industrial jobs across the full life cycle in Research, Development, Acquisition, Production, Logistics, Depot, Demilitarization, defense-related opportunities as well as the overall growth and diversity of the defense economy in our region.
  3. To provide leadership to facilitate coordination and build consensus on key projects with various entities who have similar interests in maintaining a healthy and stable community, economy and Department of Defense installations in our area.
  4. To serve as a catalyst to assist other government and private organizations in promoting the Logistics, Depot and Production assets at Crane Army Ammunition Activity and the Science and Technology assets at NSWC Crane and in the larger Indiana Uplands communities.

CRDG began meeting regularly in January 2021. In just six months, the committee has appointed an executive committee, established bylaws and membership guidelines, launched membership recruitment, and planned its inaugural event, the 2021 Key Leader Series. 

CRDG is currently accepting registrations for new members. Organizations that join will have opportunities to influence agenda with local defense and community leadership, receive direct briefings on the activities both inside and outside the NSA Crane gates, network with Crane commands and other government agencies, and participate in yearly events. 

Small and large businesses, and businesses that both are and are not involved in the defense industry are welcome to apply.  

To learn more or apply today, visit https://www.craneregionaldefensegroup.org/