• November 4, 2019
  • BY radius
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South Central Indiana Partners with Radius Indiana for Economic Outreach

An informational session for a number of site selectors and business advisors to highlight southern Indiana was co-hosted in downtown Louisville by the South Central Indiana Economic Development Group (SCIED), an economic development alliance between the Indiana counties of Bartholomew, Clark, Decatur, Floyd, Harrison, Jackson Jefferson, Jennings, Scott and Washington and Radius Indiana, a regional economic development partnership representing eight counties in Southwest Central Indiana.

This event is part of SCIED’s 2019 outreach program to raise awareness about the business strengths and opportunities in Southern Indiana. Local Economic Development professionals from both of the organizations introduced their communities to their Kentucky neighbors, showcasing the benefits of doing business in the region, which represent a total of 17 southern Indiana counties. They also highlighting available sites, demographics and the quality of the workforce that powers existing businesses.

Darrell Voelker, the President of South Central Indiana Economic Development welcomed all of the guests and discussed how important working together regionally can be when promoting our communities.  He also invited the attendees to consider our local southern Indiana Economic Development professionals as “partners” and to contact any of us whenever they have a question or an issue about a business development project regardless of what communities are being considered for the project. Voelker told them “we can be a resource for you anytime you need us”.

Radius President Jeff Quyle thanked our Utility partners Duke Energy, Hoosier Energy, Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy Company, and the Indiana Municipal Power Agency as they served as sponsors to support the event. Quyle also introduced Trevor Lane, representing the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Lane assured the guests that Indiana is an outstanding place for business and he encouraged them to “make friends” with the Local Economic Development professionals in southern Indiana.

“Our regions have worked together on many marketing events,” said Voelker. “We know when a new business locates in either of our areas, it will have a positive impact on the neighboring counties. South Central Indiana shares resources, workforce and infrastructure with many of the Radius communities and any opportunity we have to work together only strengthens our ability to attract and grow businesses.”

Quyle added, “It is in the true spirit of regionalism that these two organizations came together for this event. We have diverse assets, but a common mission—to grow the economy in southern Indiana”.

The Louisville event is one project in a series of marketing activities for South Central Indiana. This year, the outreach efforts have connected South Central Indiana communities with business advisers, real estate brokers, company executives, and site selection consultants in Indianapolis, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago. Members of our region also participated in international marketing events in Japan and Germany, as well as the Select USA trade show event in Washington D.C., with more than 1,000 company officials from international firms and organizations in attendance.

For more information: Darrell Voelker, dvoelker@hcedcindiana.org